Nadine Werner

The “Complete Piano Masterclass“ course is fantastic, a real game changer! Stephen breaks down the course into individual chapters which all logically build upon each other. Within each chapter (e.g. fingerwork, notes, scales, rhythm etc) you will find short videos with explanations and background followed with very clear instructions of what and how to practice.

Stephen comes across as exceptionally motivating, it is so much fun to watch. Each mini-step is easy and doable by anyone. The beauty then comes by putting it all together, step by step, until you are enabled to move both hands individually, hitting the right notes and be improvising because you understand what sounds good together, read and write music and enjoy a rather profound understanding of music. The course does not teach you individual songs. It provides you all the knowledge and skills so you are enabled to learn any song you want. And to express it your way rather than in someone else’s way. You take it at your own speed.

The course is accompanied by an exercise book and dictionary. I was also happy to join and listen into the Facebook group which is great for questions and to make you feel part of a group of students, some with similar situations and some seemingly lightyears in advance yet very nice and sharing their own experiences and advice. I am very grateful for what I’ve learned so far, it has been far more than “just music“.

The course is definitely worth its price for me, I would have never gotten that far that quickly (maybe not even at all), that flexibly (some topics you can do anywhere anytime without piano) and with so much fun and so much motivation to go forward. And there is so much more in this which is beyond words.

I can only say a big big thank you to Stephen for having created this course with so much passion and detail! Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do – just take the first step, no matter what phase in life you are in and how skilled or unskilled you think you are – it will be great and a very enriching experience!