Reading through the other reviews, I must admit that it is easy to believe this is a scam. I taught myself guitar and I did that in an unorthodox manner so I could believe that learning piano in a different way could be possible. The first block of lessons are there to get you in the right mindset, to believe that it is all possible. The second block is there to teach you dexterity and only then does it move forward with notes, octaves, scales etc. Even though I bought the package I was still sceptical and was waiting for the scam penny to drop, but with each new video and practice I was genuinely getting better. I’m not very far into it but I would honestly say that if you can afford it and if you are seriously into the idea of learning piano in a different and more approachable way to consider this course. In this way, my fingers are nimble and piano ready before I even learn to play anything.