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We have thousands of students in the Ridley Academy.  Find out about it from those who have tried it.

I want to introduce you to some of our awesome students.

Hear about their stories, and find out what they said about the Ridley Academy and their experiences learning the piano.

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Rick Olszewski

Rick is a software engineer who became a musical composer.

Rick talks about giving up on music as a young adult, and what it took for him to finally make it back.

His personal reinvention from computer coder to musical composer.

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Jennifer Pierce tells the real story about the Ridley Academy

Jennifer Pierce

Jennifer Pierce is a single mother of three boys and a domestic abuse survivor.

She shares her story, from disabled and longing for life changes, through the Ridley Academy and into an amazing career as an artist.

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Shaowei Lai

Shaowei was an investment banker before she quit to pursue her dreams

Inspired by her two boys, Shaowei left her career to pursue the arts. 

Paints, ceramics, sculpture came naturally. When it was time to learn the piano, she used the Ridley Academy.

Find out how the Ridley Academy helped her change her life.

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Stephen Ridley is an international concert pianist who’s played in over 60 countries, in front of crowds of up to 40.000 people.

His work is followed by more than 600,000 people on Instagram and more than 200,000 people have attended his piano trainings and workshops.