Lynette Groff

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it possible to experience such a delightfully amazing, fun online training in learning piano. Ridleys Acadamy nailed it.
Their program is well thought through. Stephen and his team are on the pulse in delivering on every aspect, from the support team, to Stephen being there in every practise drill exercise.
This is so different from taking private lessons where you go for your 30 minute lesson and then you practice your drills on your own. That was a painful experience. Heaven forbid if you couldn’t dedicate 30 minutes a day. Then guilt would start to set in. So different to Stephen asking for 10 minutes a day.

I was skeptical about doing an online course, I looked at a few, and was I thought a firm NO. Then as social media does it sent me a viewing of Stephens course. His video was different than others. I emailed his support team for info. Support followed up with a phone call from Britain to where I live in Canada and they answered all my concerns, no pressure from them at all.
The rest is history. One of the best decision I have ever made.
I have been in Stephens program for 6 or so weeks and know more now than I did with 3 yrs of Royal Conservatory piano lessons. To top it off, way more confident in my ability of playing the piano.
Thank you Stephen and the amazing Ridley Acadamy team. I now know I can do this and will be damn good.