An Interview With Ridley Academy Student Rick Olszewski

Who is Rick Olszewski? Rick is a self-titled geek. He DJed in his younger years, even releasing albums in the 1990s, though he had trouble supporting himself as a musician. Over the years he traded his musical keyboard for a computer one, becoming a software developer. In 2020 he rekindled

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Top 5 Easiest Tips for Learning to Play the Piano

And why the piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn! The piano has been one of the most common musical instruments to learn for hundreds of years. Based on some earlier instruments, it has a musical lineage going back thousands of years! The piano as we know it

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An Interview With Ridley Academy Student Shaowei Lai

Who is Shaowei Lai? Shaowei Lai was an investment banker, until her children inspired her to drop everything and change careers.  She realized that she had gone off from the dreams she had as a child, and decided to revisit some of her earlier dreams, goals and ambitions. When she

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