Shane Boyer

My name is Shane Boyer I’m a 47 year old building contractor and finish painter. I started playing piano the same day I signed up with Stephen Ridley. I never played piano before I started with Ridley Academy.

I needed a dynamic teacher who wouldn’t make me feel stupid by talking down to me, but at the same time I needed all of the very basic “meat and bones” type of “elementary” education , of course because I knew nothing ! … sooo

After searching for 3 months online and looking into 7 different teachers/online studies… I found a Facebook ad for this scrawny, spiked haired, big toothed crazy guy banging the bass drum beats on his piano im the middle of the street , and I knew at that moment he was the one!

21/2 years ago. Now I can write my own songs , play any scale with either hand blindfolded and backwards. Basic chords , advanced , 7th, 9ths, etc !! Either hand .

I didn’t learn to play the piano!

I learned How to LEARN . FINALLY!
Simply Do it.
Do it to every word he says ! You’ve got MY word now, and that’s not small. He is – in fact- the REAL THING.

I’ve watched every live Q&A over these last 2 1/2 years and Stephen and I also have had direct contact. He is fully involved between concerts and is very interactive. The Facebook group has many “seasoned students” that know the ropes as well!!!

Enjoy every beat! Good luck! Don’t quit!