Sarah Ripard

Stephen Ridley is a one-of-a-kind artist & teacher!

Stephen Ridley is a one-of-a-kind! He is a sacred artist and gifted teacher so rare to find in most places. He actually cares about people and you can see the excitement and feel the high frequency in his voice and body as he goes through each of the PIANO lessons.

I didn’t think I could take these lessons then CODY, who works with Stephen at the Ridley Academy, walked me through the process and made it possible!

I’ve never studied piano before and am struck by how beautifully Stephen breaks things down into bite-sized pieces before you even need to have a keyboard in front of you! It’s much easier to absorb the materials and you don’t feel overwhelmed.

He DISTILLS each part of this process which will then be put back together again while making it accessible and loads of FUN!

Stephen is inspiring and passionate, sadly so few teachers are! He removes the fear, judgment, and obstacles that hold so many people back in life. He’s contextual and well as innovative. Love this!

He LOVES what he does, it’s obvious. One of the aspects I appreciate most about Stephen’s creation of THE COMPLETE MASTER PIANO CLASS is he works on different aspects of the whole HUMAN and how it functions to be successful. He talks about one’s purpose, mindset, approach, and then the mechanics of the actual instrument itself! He’s setting us up for SUCCESS, not for failure!

Not only do you get to learn to play the piano which doesn’t take years and years, but you also get to learn how to BE successful in LIFE no matter what or where you end up! Now that’s POWERFUL!

Stephen is a consummate artist and teacher with a BIG HEART that inspires millions!!