I need to preface my remarks by a disclosure. i am a 77 year old retired physician who is on immunotherapy for cancer and has Parkinsons disease. I have always wanted to play the piano. I have tried a variety of self teaching books and software but it have been a slow painful experience with little progress. Beyond basics I always felt lost. Then came Stephen with his enthusiasm and boundless energy. He leaves his ego on the sidelines and cares not about looking foolish or silly and lets it all hang out to get his points across. Every session from note reading and chord formation to singing and voice training is absolutely brilliant, fun, and entertaining. His teaching style takes a sledge hammer to the rigid wall of tedious exercises and infuses the student with a desire to play with music and explore the piano instrument the way a young child explores a new toy. Time disappears replaced by the enjoyment of discovering and creating new sounds and deveating from the written notes of a chosen song to mold it into what sounds good to the student. I will never be a musician in a band or a concert pianist but I will be a smile enjoying being able to play some of my favorite songs rather then just a listener who says, I wish I could make music too. Thanks Stephen, You be the man.I have read a few negative reviews and there are not many. I do not think they gave the crash course or the master academy a run.