Jennifer Brown

I can finally create my own music after years of only reading sheet music.

I came across Stephen’s ads and webinar through social media. I had played piano for a number of years, but I always played from sheet music. I rarely deviated from what was written and didn’t feel comfortable creating anything that was my own. I felt that Ridley Academy could give me those tools and fundamental understanding to help me create my own music, and this is what I’ve received.

I have loved the program, which is made up of simple to understand, entertaining and easily digestible videos. On top of the recorded lessons, on occasion, Stephen does live Q and A’s in the Facebook group that are ALWAYS inspirational and helpful. I appreciate Stephen’s desire to spend the time he needs to to answer all of the questions so everyone feels supported during these sessions.

The Ridley Academy Facebook group has so many supportive fellow music students. It feels like a safe space to share wherever we are at in our music learning. It’s played a huge part in me feeling more confident to share my own music publicly, beyond the group.

This week, we were challenged to write a 60 second song, using 4 specific chords. It flowed SO naturally for me! This would not have been the case a couple years ago. I have a lot of gratitude for what I’ve accomplished and deep thanks to Stephen for his guidance and well-thought through course. I look forward to continuing my learning with Ridley Academy.